What's it like working with Deb?


Heather Hannan, Toronto, ON

I've been working with Deb Taylor for over a year now. Deb is extraordinary, exceeding my expectations in every area. As an Intuitive Consultant I am extremely selective and Deb is “the real deal”.  A gifted personal trainer and, on a personal level, such a pleasure to work with, she clearly saw how she could work with my physical limitations and help me strengthen and tone my body.
 I have been in many accidents and trained with many instructors and I was thrilled to find out how effortless she made the whole workout experience. Yes, it still requires sweating, but I quickly adapt to the routines she continues to create especially for me. Within a couple of weeks I began noticing a huge difference in the way I move. Soon after that I began to feel and see my muscles begin to tone and develop definition. I have more energy, am stronger and am so happy with my results to date and it has only just begun. Deb uses her vast knowledge of the body as well as her intuitive abilities to guide one on a journey of health and wellness that is fun, comfortable and yields results. Deb is a generous and gifted coach and much more than a personal trainer, she is a master of healing movement. I consider myself blessed to have met her and so fortunate to be a client.
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Eva Szustak, Oakville, ON

  It is easy to talk about someone who brings happiness and optimism into your life. That is the person to appreciate and celebrate. Deb has been my personal fitness trainer and also my spiritual fitness guide. She is following her path with grace and enabling others to follow theirs with more confidence and ease. I am grateful every day that I have somebody as special as her in my life and I hope to continue to move forward on my journey with this relationship as part of it. Much love to you Deb,   Eva 


Karen Leblanc, Oakville, ON

I joined Deb's wellness retreat and boot camp about five years ago.

I was magnetized by her energy and spirit. I drew so much from her that I began to evolve into the real me.

I became stronger spiritually, mentally and physically.
I grew from Deb and was ready to go out and find my passion. I now have 3 full years in as a Obstacle Coarse Racer. I have been to the Worlds Championships twice and have qualified for my third year. 

I'm told all the time that I'm such an inspiration, if anything I wanted most out of my life was to be just that.
I'm still on my journey and I love every second.
My mentor and everything to me, Deb Taylor.

I'm forever grateful.

Much respect and so much love,



Gary Keese, Georgetown, ON

  Thank you, Deb, for the wonderful Body & Mind Yoga classes at Joshua Creek. They are just what I and my girlfriend need to put a perfect end to our day. You seem to have hit a sweet spot between the breathing exercises and the (not too strenuous) poses. I have even managed to get my 20 something daughter to come and while she is not a yogi, she always comments on how calm she feels on the way home, and then proceeds to tell me how many people she knows who could really use this. Can't ask for more than that.
Thanks again,


Gloria Browne, Mississauga, ON

 Deb Taylor is a powerful instructor who provides clear grounded guidance in a way that allows you to get the most out of each pose. It is wonderful the way she starts and ends each class by unifying the room and creating a greater sense of community. Many of the students are beginners, so it is appreciated when a teacher spends a lot of time discussing alignment, and the reasons behind why we do certain sequences of poses. Deb not only gives great physical cues, but also brings attention to breath.She teaches with an open heart and soul and that allows everyone in the room to relax and breath.  

She generously shares her energy without expectation or judgment. Her style is responsive, and teaches with a fresh and easy interpretation of Hatha Yoga. Highly recommended. 



Sandra McGillivray, Oakville, ON

  I started personal training with Deb for neck, back and shoulder injuries and little did I know that it was going to be much more than training. Deb has this unique gift of making you feel at ease, worthy, competent, strong and beautiful from the inside out. Her calmness, knowledge and use of different modalities and fantastic sense of humour make weekly training sessions so enjoyable. From day one, Deb made me feel like anything was attainable and I have gained so much confidence that I never thought possible. 

Thanks, for being such an inspiration to so many, Deb!   

Sandra M.  


Amanda Frape, Oakville, ON

Training with Deb is more of an experience and not just a workout. Her indepth knowledge and willingness to share has truly formed my approach to physical health, making it a lifestyle of wellness. Through pregnancy and postnatal recovery and beyond, Deb has been there for me every step of the way.  Amanda 


JoAnne Pietrantonio, Mississauga, ON

Deb, makes working out fun and has helped me get back on track!  I feel great, and for me, most importantly, I am sleeping better.  All the nuggets of info you pass along are very valuable.  I love the way you gently and lovingly teach me how to do the exercises correctly.  I know I am more mindful of what I eat, how I breathe and what messages I give myself.  When I go to the gym, I swear I hear you in my ear!  My goal is to be fit and stay healthy...thanks for the awesome start up and all your encouragement!   



Hope Strong, Mississauga ON

I have had the pleasure of having Deb as my wellness trainer for about two years. She is sensitive to any need or situation which you might have whether it be physical or emotional and she plans the training sessions to help work out those areas. She is very knowledgeable in physiology and always knows what muscles to work out to maximize strength and development.  Her friendly disposition melted my fears and her encouragement made me reach for goals that I often felt unattainable. 

Our personal friendship has developed and I've grown to appreciate her in her work role and as a friend.  


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Jan Magee, Toronto, Ontario

Braveheart Retreat Arizona 2018

The Braveheart Retreat exceeded my expectations in every way. The group quickly bonded and it was a perfect blend of spiritual and physical awareness. Deb T. and Bani allowed me to explore and grow on my own terms. I now feel I have strategies to take home to continue my journey of self-growth and realization.

 Jan: Centre in Blue. Homemaker

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Sandra S. Milton, Ontario

Thank you for the amazing week. I am going to take my 'Zen' back home with me.
Sandra S.: IT Management