School Programs

Guiding Young Children in Stress Management

Presentations & after school programs available.

Suggested grade divisions 

Children will learn simple and effective techniques to reduce stress and create healthy habits to cope with daily life through fun games and engaging activities.

Students will practice self regulation through breathing with positive intentions and simple movements.

Bringing a positive outlook into children's daily lives allows space for listening, sharing and learning.

Intermediate & Senior Students Finding Peace

In this rapidly evolving age of technology and sedimentary living, your teen will learn and develop Tips & Tools that relieve their stress, anxiety and depressive thoughts. 

Teens will start to connect the dots between feeling good 

and sleep, nutrition and movement. 

The focus is on the positive! 

Big 'aha' moments happen in these sessions. 

These workshops include small and large group activities, 

mindful movements and seated mindful breathing practice for greater awareness. 

Mindful Movement Curriculum for Teachers

Take it to the Classroom

Let's build more compassion and acceptance in the classroom.

The Mindful Movement Curriculum provides easy to follow lesson plans, giving teachers innovative new tools for a pleasant classroom atmosphere which is more conducive to learning. 

These research based activities prepare students for 

teacher directed lessons, group work, test preparation and 

self-directed classroom learning.

Benefits of A Mindful Movement Practice for Children and Teens:

Improves Self-Regulation

Elevates Mood

Brings Body to Homeostasis 

Improves Digestion

Supports Immune Health 

Promotes a Healthy Self-Esteem 

Promotes Compassion to Self and Others

Improves Focus

Improves Memory

Builds Self Confidence

Set up a meeting to learn more about the Mindful Movement Curriculum for your school.