Parents Supporting Their Kids

Topics for Parent-Centred Presentations


Open communication lines

Nutrition for your school-aged child

Nutrition for your teen

Mindful games with your child

Mindful movement for anxiety 

Mindfulness for stress reduction

Meditation for stress reduction

Healthy rewards for your child

Parents Supporting their Kids


Parent Support and Education 

for parents with tweens and teens.

These interactive workshops will provide parents with practical ways to manage their own stress while helping their teen with theirs. 

Let's face it, our kids are growing up in a different world. Let's meet them where they're at, stay current, and be part of the healthy-minded formula for our kid's success.

MYndful Movement for Parent and Child

FOR PARENT & CHILD (5-10 yr old)

These interactive workshops are held after school with parent and child together.  

Through fun-filled MYndful Movement, engaging Mindful Games and Breathing Techniques to calm the mind, we become more open to accept ourselves and each other with loving kindness.