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Strengthen the Body * Calm the Mind

 Benefits of A MYndful Movement 

MYndfulness to 'Calm the Chaos'

This basic mindfulness practice uses movement, breath work and art therapy to calm the mind as we get creative. We feel better about ourselves, our feelings and those around us, when we get our creativity flowing.  Deb will guide groups in their mindfulness practice using practical tools you can take with you for a calmer, more joy-filled lifestyle.

Calm The Chaos is a help and beautiful colouring book with real life stories of optimism and hope from those walking their path to greater mental health and resiliency.

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MYndful Activities for Students

  • Monthly, weekly or occasional workshops are designed for elementary & high school students. 
  • While trying yoga and stretching movements, students of all ages release tension and focus on the present moment. 
  • Sometimes music is used to calm the mind as creativity flows through movement. 
  • Breath Work and visualization is used to set positive intentions, to let go of the negative and to relax the mind.

Kids are talking about it! Parents too!

Feedback from the program has been overwhelmingly positive!

In-Class session feedback from Grade 4 students of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Elementary, Milton


How did you feel when you participated in the MYndful Movement activities?

“Calm”   “Great”    “Energetic”    “Happy”

“I felt better about myself”     “Peaceful” 

“Focused in our next class”    “Relaxed”   “Awesome”

What did you learn at the MYndful Movement workshop?

“Everyone is different and that’s a good thing”

“I can be really observant” 

“I like to drum”

“I can control my emotions”

“I should think before I act and be calm first”

“Good ways to calm myself”

A few of their favourite activities:

playing the drum

stretching to music

listening to the bell

16 year old teen from Oakville says,

"This mindful practice has really been helping me, and I am definitely going to keep it up.

I'm starting to do some of the movements at home on my own and it's helping me have better days." 

MYndful Movement Parent Testimonial

We are all very excited to welcome Ms Taylor back...


By Kelly Dodson, Member of Fern Hill Parent Association (FHPA)

As a member of our Parent Committee at Fern Hill School in Oakville, I was thrilled to invite Ms. Deb Taylor to visit our campus and conduct Mindful Meditation sessions for all of our students ranging in age from Preschool to Grade 8. During my first conversation with Ms. Taylor, I was struck by her passion and enthusiasm for working with students, and her flexibility and accommodation for working with both large and small groups. Not only did she accommodate our limited schedule, but she assured me that she would create personalized sessions for each of our grade levels. Ms. Taylor spent a full-day and a half working with our students and the feedback from her sessions was incredibly positive. The students loved Ms. Taylor’s enthusiasm, and the interactive nature of her sessions. She had the students up and moving, answering questions, and participating in a number of interesting exercises! The teachers especially enjoyed learning about practical tools that they could use in the classroom to keep their students calm and focused, and how to include Mindfulness in their classroom on a daily basis. We also had many parents participate in the sessions and they could not believe the ease in which Ms. Taylor connected with the all the children at the school, especially our senior students in grades 6-8.  In the weeks following Ms. Taylor’s sessions at Fern Hill, I had parents, teachers and students regularly tell me how useful these MYndful Movement sessions were, and how they used many of Ms. Taylor’s techniques at home, in the classroom and in their personal lives.  Personally, I loved how Ms. Taylor incorporated the science behind Mindful Movements and Meditation in her sessions and how she explained to the students how and why these techniques really work.  

We are all very excited to welcome Ms. Taylor back to Fern Hill again this year!

I would highly recommend Ms. Taylor as a speaker! 

Mindfulness in Schools, Mindful Schools, Mindful kids, Mindful Games, Social and Emotional Learning

Mindfulness in Schools, Mindful Schools, Mindful kids, Mindful Games, Social and Emotional Learning