Kids are talking about it!

Feedback from the program has been overwhelmingly positive!

In-Class session feedback from Grade 4 students of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Elementary, Milton


How did you feel when you participated in the MYndful Movement activities?

“Calm”   “Great”    “Energetic”    “Happy”

“I felt better about myself”     “Peaceful” 

“Focused in our next class”    “Relaxed”   “Awesome”

What did you learn at the MYndful Movement workshop?

“Everyone is different and that’s a good thing”

“I can be really observant” 

“I like to drum”

“I can control my emotions”

“I should think before I act and be calm first”

“Good ways to calm myself”

A few of their favourite activities:

playing the drum

stretching to music

listening to the bell

16 year old teen from Oakville says,

"This mindful practice has really been helping me, and I am definitely going to keep it up.

I'm starting to do some of the movements at home on my own and it's helping me have better days." 

MYndful Movement

Strengthen the Body * Calm the Mind


Benefits of A MYndful Movement Practice for Children and Teens:

Improves Self-Regulation

Elevates Mood

Brings Body to Homeostasis 

Improves Digestion

Supports Immune Health 

Promotes a Healthy Self-Esteem 

Promotes Compassion to Self and Others

Improves Focus

Improves Memory

Builds Self-Confidence

Set up a meeting to learn more about the MYndful Movement Curriculum for your school. 

Includes: simple techniques to calm the mind while bringing awareness to a positive intention, setting positive morning routines, gentle yoga and breath work to lower the 'fight, fight or freeze' hormone caused by tension, anxiety and stress.

Let's develop your group's new movement practice for a healthier lifestyle!

MYndfulness to Calm the Chaos

This basic mindfulness practice uses movement, breathwork and art therapy to calm the mind as we get creative. We feel better about ourselves, our feelings and those around us, when we get our creativity flowing.  Deb will guide groups in their mindfulness practice using practical tools you can take with you for a calmer, more joy-filled lifestyle.

Calm The Chaos is a help and beautiful colouring book with real life stories of optimism and hope from those walking their path to greater mental health and resiliency.  

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MYndful Activities for Students

  • Monthly, weekly or occasional workshops are designed for elementary & high school students. 
  • While trying yoga and stretching movements, students of all ages release tension and focus on the present moment. 
  • Sometimes music is used to calm the mind as creativity flows through movement. 
  • Breath Work and visualization is used to set positive intentions, to let go of the negative and to relax the mind.