Be a MYndful Movement Certified Practitioner


Full-Day Certification Course for Educators

Be a MYndful Movement (MYM) Practitioner

Course coming soon!

Imagine teaching children the wonderful benefits of mindfulness that has helped you so much!

There are many schools that are interested in the MYndful Movement program for their students, educators and parents.  Join our team to teach in the classrooms and the staff rooms. The MYM program covers dozens of activities, games and MYndful Moments for kids of all ages. Lessons are designed for elementary schools and high schools. 

The interested schools in your area need you!

Included in the Educator's Course Registration:

1 Full-Day of MYM Practice: 

How to Teach MYM for young and older students

Guided time for personal practice to embody the work.

1 MYM Teacher's Guide for Grades 1-6

1 MYM Teacher's Guide for Grades 7-12

Practice time to build confidence

Guidance on building your own MYndful Movement business