Mindful Movement

Strengthen the Body * Calm the Mind


Includes: QiGong, basic physiotherapy exercises, gente yoga, gentle toning and gentle strengthening movements to support your full body and strong mind. 

Let's develop your group's new movement practice for a healthier lifestyle!

A Basic Mindfulness Practice to Calm the Chaos

This basic mindfulness practice uses movement, breathwork and art therapy to calm the mind as we get creative. We feel better about ourselves, our feelings and those around us, when we get our creativity flowing.  Deb will guide groups in their mindfulness practice using practical tools you can take with you for a calmer, more joy-filled lifestyle.

Calm The Chaos is a help and beautiful colouring book with real life stories of optimism and hope from those walking their path to greater mental health and resiliency.  

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Movement Art Breathwork Music

Presentations or weekly sessions designed for 

elementary & high school students. 

Music to calm the mind as your creativity flows through movement. While playing with yoga and stretching movements, students of all ages release tension and focus on the present moment.

Breath Work and Meditation is used to set positive intentions, 

let go of the negative and just 

Relax...plain and simple.