Braveheart Meditations & MYndful Movement

Download Braveheart Meditations

Download, Spotify, Google Music, Purchase recorded guided meditation to relax, find peace and sleep

Relax: 11 minutes

Setting Intentions: 11 minutes

Sleep: 18 minutes

Available on Itunes & Spotify 

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Braveheart Meditations & MYndful Movement classes

Oakville, Toronto, Halton group meditations, Guided meditation groups

MYndful Movement: Gentle Stretch & Tone

Location: Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre

Physio & Modified Movements to feel stronger and move better.

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What people say about Deb T. Testimonials

Mindful Women, Healthy ladies who like to meditate

"... She is following her path with grace and enabling others to follow theirs with more confidence and ease..."  Eva S.

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Relax: 11 minutes

Guided meditation with Deb T for relaxation and finding peace

An easy mindfulness practice

Listen and breathe to feel

less reactive

more empowered

Set Intentions: 11 minutes

Meditate to love life, peace and joy. Guided meditation. Deb Taylor guides a relaxing meditation

Calm the mind to set a positive intention

 for the day. This short connection to yourself will set you up for 

a more positive day. 

Bravehearts Sleep: 18 minutes

Guided Meditation Sleep Well, Calm, Peaceful sleep. Restful guided meditation


Let go of the day,

Feel calm as you release stress and enjoy a deep and restful sleep. 

Deb guides you to a peaceful  slumber.