Our Wellness Retreats

Why Go On a Retreat?

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The reasons for needing a retreat vary from person to person. Some seek rest and renewal, stress reduction, core-level healing or a yearning to expand. Others come to attune with Nature, to centre and deepen their spiritual journeys, or to better handle life transitions.


How Can Going on a Retreat Impact My Life?


Not only are you worth it, but the ripple effect of this ultimate self care and healing will benefit your family, friends and co-workers as well! When we heal from within, what we give to others comes from that overflow of self-love. Giving becomes energizing and effortless.

People often times share about the shifts that happened in their lives as a result of the retreat.  Areas where they were previously feeling “stuck”, seem to shift.  A positive change takes place the doors start opening to new and wonderful opportunities!

Life is constantly shifting and changing which requires us to constantly shift and change, release and readjust.  It is a continuous unfolding and a life long journey of peeling back the layers to return to our essence which is pure and perfect.

If you are seeking to facilitate change, to gain more clarity, release greater life potential or unearth your best self, this retreat is for you.


The itinerary is as relaxed or full as desired.

This includes your comfortable room, all meals and beverages and all classes!  Classes included daily Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, MYndful Movement, Mindfulness Practice, Sunset Mindful Walks and much more!


We are happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss the retreat as you consider giving yourself this gift.

Contact me at deb@debtaylorlife.com  

If you are traveling from the U.S.A. please contact Bani at  bani@baniaello.com 

Braveheart Wellness Retreats for a Happy, Healthy, Whole Getaway

Winter Wellness Retreat 2020


Carefree - Sedona, Arizona

Carefree & Sedona, Arizona


Recharge & Rejuvenate

A gentle practice in self-care and re-connection to you. Gentle yoga, meditation and walking through the rich and healing energy of the world-renowned Sedona Vortex brings us back to health in body, mind and spirit.  

Free-Time-Me-Time for shopping or lounging by the pool.

In Carefree, we'll even feel like Cowboys & Cowgirls when we visit a real Rodeo!

March 15 - 21, 2020

February 2019 wellness retreat in Cuba was amazing!

Vacation & Wellness Combined for a Life Changing Experience



Sound  & Music Healing

Tropical or Desert Beauty

MYndful Movement
Gentle Yoga: Strengthen +Tone   
Breath Work & Meditation

QiGong Movement Practice
Delicious Meals All Included

We practice Yoga for all levels


See what people are saying about our amazing Wellness Retreats. Bani and I are grateful for the wonderful people who take part in these special retreat events.


 The following is an article published recently about the results of a 20 year study by a Professor at Cornell University on the benefits of spending money on experiences 

rather than things: Experiences Not Thing

Yoga, Mindfulness, Sun & Healing


We will explore and learn practices that help us peel back the layers to arrive at a better feeling state in mind and body!  More positive energy, more joy, more peace and more freedom! All this in the warm sunshine.

These practices will include  


Qi Gong, 

Meditation and Mindfulness Training, 

Stretch & Breathe to release tension, 

Energy Work, Gong Bath, & Sound Healing

 MYndful Movement and More!

Your guiding retreat instructors will be myself,  Deb Taylor and the gifted yogi and meditation facilitator, my sister  Bani Aello

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Meet Bani & Deb

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Soul Sisters and then some...

We are beyond thrilled to join forces to bring our peace offerings to you in the 

Braveheart Wellness Retreats.

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Meet Deb

Deb  will get your range of motion growing, your energy elevated and your mindful positivity boosted.

With a Personal Training background with education in Nutrition and Weight Loss, I teach Wellness with all angles considered. Yoga is fused into every MYndful Movement session to feel your absolute best! 

Then we get meditative for savasanahhh!

 'Everyone can find healthy & helpful ways to move no matter what your level of fitness! '

Bani Aello, www.baniaello.com , yoga and meditation teacher

Meet Bani

Bani Aello 

Peace, joy and freedom is available to everyone. Want to live the life of your dreams? I invite you to take this journey… 

Yoga Instructor, Meditation Facilitator and Mindful Based Stress Reduction Teacher and much, much more.

    I have enjoyed teaching and facilitating meditation and personal growth sessions and workshops for various groups and individuals including offering workplace wellness and coaching, as well as Yoga for all levels. My goal is to help others live with more peace, joy and freedom in spite of any circumstance and to create the life of their dreams. 

Here's What Retreaters Are Saying...