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BRAVEHEART RETREAT Helping the Cuban People

Tropical Beauty on the Beach

Stretch Class for Beginners

MYndful Movement
Gentle Yoga: Strengthen +Tone 

Mood Boost Aromatherapy with Ameflore Essential Oils
Breath Work & Meditation

QiGong Practice

Sharing the Love with the Cuban People: support and donations to our friends: Friends To Cuba
Delicious Meals & Premium Beverages All Included

Memories Jibacoa Cuba

February 9-16, 2019

A Life Changing Experience

Memories Jibacoa, Cuba

This will be a trip you'll never forget

This beautiful quaint resort is  a home away from home for so many people. Find the group on Facebook who  make Memories Jibacoa their yearly destination.

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info@debtaylorlife.com or 


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Yoga, Mindfulness, Sun & Surf

Retreat, Yoga, Wellness Retreat, Yoga Retreat, Meditation, vacation, debtaylorlife.com , beach

Join us as we enjoy the beautiful Memories Jibacoa,  all-inclusive resort in the amazing Cuba.

The focus of this 7 night retreat is greater health and wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit.  We'll have 5 days in our agenda with 2 days to yourself. This is a direct 3.5 hour flight from Toronto. We will explore and learn practices that help us peel back the layers to arrive at a better feeling state in mind and body!  More positive energy, more joy, more peace and more freedom! All this in the warm tropical sunshine.

These practices will include  


Qi Gong, 

Meditation and Mindfulness Training, 

Stretch & Breathe to release tension, 

Energy Work, Hiking and Site-Seeing,

Snorkeling, Boating and More!

Memories Jibacoa is a beautiful little town approximately 55 minutes from the Varadero airport.  This quiet all-inclusive resort has tons of amazing activities to offer. Take a catamaran or sail boat out on the water, or start every morning with snorkeling right there at the coral reef at the resort's beach.  

All water sports, activities and entertainment included.

A Beach Bonfire, Beach Party and Beach Yoga! 

It's all for you!

We will have several classes for you to attend each day, all at your discretion and preference. If lounging poolside feels right for you, all activities are optional.

In between the classes of your choice you can swim in the pool, soak in the hot tub, or hit the spa.  The bedrooms are spacious with comfortable beds and all have private bathrooms and outdoor balconies.  

This is a 7 day all-inclusive holiday with 5 days in the Wellness Retreat itinerary. This gives you 2 days to yourself. Many people love the tour to the incredible Havana in a classic car with a private tour guide. 

Your guiding retreat instructors will be myself and the gifted yogi and meditation facilitator, my sister  

Bani Aello

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Who is this Retreat For?

 This retreat is for women and men ages 17 and up. This will be a wonderful experience for couples who wish to move deeper into healthy practices together!  There will be many options of classes to participate in so choose all of them or just a few. No pressure!
You may also want to attend with a sibling, parent, son, daughter or friend! Often times we don’t get to spend quality time with family and friends due to our demanding life obligations.  This is a chance to spend quality time making shifts for the better and deepening connections!

Couples need not feel that they have to attend all classes together.  One of you may want to spend more time participating in the classes that we offer while the other may want to spend more time at the at the beach or hiking trails, then meet up later by the pool or for dinner.



Itinerary is as relaxed or full as you choose.

This includes your comfortable and spacious room, all meals and beverages and all classes!  Classes include daily Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, MYndful Movement, Mindfulness training, beach bonfire, beach party, spectacular evening entertainment, water sports, snorkeling, piano bar and more!
This includes airfare and airport transfers.

EARLYBIRD PRICE Extended - September 5, 2018
Single Occupancy: $2150. CDN
Double Occupancy: $1800. CDN

Price subject to change in accordance with Airline pricing.

Your Travel Plan

 Airfare: The cost of the retreat includes airfare and airport transfers.

Most of us will be departing from Toronto together on the same direct, midday flight February 9 and returning the evening of February 16.

Flight Details

If you live in the Rochester area I recommend contacting Bani Aello  if you would like to share a travel van  from Rochester to Toronto on the day of travel. Bani will also guide you in your purchase of travel insurance for Cuba.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss the retreat as you consider making this wonderful trip a reality for you.  

Please feel free to contact me at  info@debtaylorlife.com  or call (905) 302-7838.                                    
If you are traveling from the U.S.A. please contact Bani at  bani@baniaello.com or call (585) 957- 6235.

I promise this will be a memorable experience that will positively affect your whole life. The ripple effects will go out to benefit family, friends and the world around you for years to come!

See what people are saying about our amazing Wellness Retreats. Bani and I are grateful for the wonderful people who take part in these special retreat events.

  There is an article published recently about the results of a 20 year study by a Professor at Cornell University osn the benefits of spending money on experiences rather than things > 

  The following is an article published recently about the results of a 20 year study by a Professor at Cornell University on the benefits of spending money on experiences rather than things > Experiences Not Things

Click here to register where you will be asked to leave a $500.00 deposit to hold your reservation. The remaining balance will be due November 30th, 2018.

Cancellation Policy: The deposit of $500.00 CDN  to reserve your spot is refundable except for $150.00.

Retreat Travel Details

The flight to Cuba is a kiss!

We've got it all covered for you!o If you choose to fly with us, check out the easy, direct flight. 

Those travelling from the U.S., enjoy a bus trip with your fellow retreaters from the Greater Rochester Area to Toronto on the day of travel. Bus is round trip. See Bani Aello for details and pricing for this extra service not included in Wellness Retreat price.

Fly Direct! Choose to take this easy option

 Feb 9 - 16, 2019

Direct Flight Details  

Departure: Toronto - Pearson

Flight # WG680    Depart Date 09 Feb 2019    Departure Time 4:05 PM

Destination Varadero

Arrival Date 09 Feb 2019   Arrival Time 7:40 PM

Departure: Varadero

Flight # WG681   Departure Date 16 Feb 2019      Departure Time 9:30 PM

Destination Toronto - Pearson  

Arrival Date 17 Feb 2019    Arrival Time 12:59 AM

Transfers Included

Roundtrip Airport Transfer to/from hotel

Here's What Retreaters Are Saying...

Testimonials from Retreaters

 A note to say Thank You to both of you, Deb and Bani!
I discovered a lot of things about myself at the Braveheart Oakville Retreat and I am noticing/making daily changes to my mindset over the last 10 days.  I realized that I not only get caught up in mind traps but that I catastrophize.  I have acknowledged that and am working on not always going directly to the worst possible outcome.  I am also working on stopping negative self-talk as I realize that all these specific things add to my daily stress and anxiety.  I may never be a yoga expert, but meditation is a positive thing for me as I am known for not taking time for myself.  So I will take the things I have learned from the retreat and try to implement into daily routine like when I am out for a walk (I work on breathing & focus on my feet to clear my mind) and am working towards breaking open the supplied CD and adding it to my daily routine. 

Thank you for these eye opening notes and techniques. I truly find myself benefiting from them!

Erin R. 

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Thank you for a wonderful day.

It was an incredible experience and one that I think is leading me towards a new path in my life. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this experience, for the things I learned and the amazing people I met. As you know I was nervous after signing up for this, kind of a "fear of the unknown" but I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  

So, thank you for everything and thank you as well to Bani, Heather and Molly for all they did and all I learned.

Looking forward to continuing this journey, see you soon.

Lisa J.

more Testimonials from Retreaters

  •  Wanted to share some of my thoughts from Saturday's Braveheart Retreat.
    It was a delight to spend the day with both of you.
  • Deb, you seem to really have a generous spirit and are not threatened by surrounding yourself with talented people - there is room for everyone to bring their talents to the table and we will all benefit.  A rare quality these days……Deb as I mentioned on Saturday so important that in your practice you are encouraging body awareness and that benefits can be reaped without going over the top.
  • Bani, I thoroughly enjoyed the MBSR, Pranayama and Gong Bath.  Your willingness to open with your journey to mindfulness healing was powerful.
  • The nutritious food was AWESOME!
  • Your flexibility with the agenda was great - being in the moment and watching the flow and energy is always best. 
  •  You are both dynamite! 

Belinda B.

Meet Bani & Deb T

Soul Sisters and then some...

We are beyond thrilled to join forces to bring our peace offerings to you in the Braveheart Retreats.

Everyone can find healthy & helpful ways to move no matter what your level of fitness!

Deb T will get your range of motion growing, your energy elevated and your mindful positivity boosted.

With a Personal Training background with education in Nutrition and Weight Loss, I teach Wellness with all angles considered. 

Yoga is fused into every Mindful Movement session to feel your absolute best!

Bani Aello, www.baniaello.com , yoga and meditation teacher

Meet Bani

Bani Aello 

Peace, joy and freedom is available to everyone. Want to live the life of your dreams? I invite you to take this journey… 

Yoga Instructor, Meditation Facilitator and Mindful Based Stress Reduction Teacher and much, much more.

    I have enjoyed teaching and facilitating meditation and personal growth sessions and workshops for various groups and individuals including offering workplace wellness and coaching, as well as Yoga for all levels. My goal is to help others live with more peace, joy and freedom in spite of any circumstance and to create the life of their dreams.