A little more about me

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Here's why I #lovelife

 As a Wellness Specialist, I’m focused on helping people feel better from the inside out.  I’m a teacher, trainer, yogi, entrepreneur and a learning fiend committed to helping people feel better, in body and in mind. 

 As a Canadian with a modern family of 7, I’m all about my blended FamJam with 5 kids, all bigger than me now, and a passion for helping people love their life. I know it can be done, and I can’t not share what I know. 

 Let's love life, and love the person in the mirror.   

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a little bit of background

 I seem to have a unique connection with my clients that stems from my own personal journey toward wellness. I’ve been a fitness expert and wellness coach for over 20 years. For several years, I was simultaneously a high school teacher with a passion for all things healthy. Since 2008, being a full time personal trainer, fitness instructor, and Yoga Instructor has been the earth shaking shift in my life that has brought me to a place where I can truly say, I really do love life!   

 I  work as a physical therapy aid alongside physical therapists and chiropractors. To better help my clients with a healthy life, I also hold a Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist certification. 

As my experience and understanding has grown, I have developed a Mindful Movement program that addresses our Whole Health like nothing I have ever done. Through our Mindful Movement practice, we Set Intentions to enhance our life experience. 

We Cause the Effect to live a rich and gratifying life.
This doesn't mean that we don't experience challenges and disappointments, but when we do...and oh ya we will, we can move through life with Compassion to Self, an Awareness to our Intentions and Love right through the hard times. 

Holistic Wellness Specialist and yoga and meditation instructor, Deb Taylor coach makes it fun

let's do this together

Mindfully, we can feel...

improved energy, 

better range of motion, 

a stronger core and 

assist you in improving your quality of life from eating, to sleeping, to having more fun with family and friends

I made the shift in my professional life to take a holistic approach to health and wellness that involves all aspects of living well, including yoga/fitness, nutrition, and behavioral changes, weight loss, and mindfulness.  

By sharing a new and improved philosophy that broadens our goals of good health to encompass mindfulness as an equally important part of our health, we'll feel empowered, defining and reaching our personal goals, both physically and mentally.