MYndful Movement

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The MYndful Movement program, lead by Ontario certified teachers, supports physical and mental health for education and a healthy lifestyle.  

As we feel more compassion for ourselves and others, our relationships with ourselves and those we work and play with improves.

Managing Stress

students: age 4 - 94

At school, kids practice

At the office, adults practice

Our modalities

These research-based techniques have been shown to improve productivity, alertness, focus, positive outlook, energy, memory and more. 

Breathing with positive intention

Stretch to feel better in body and mind

Yoga in a range of styles

QiGong for strength and flexibility

Meditative movement to enhance awareness

Creative artful expression

Group discussion 

Research based on current neuroscience and psychology:

Dr. Dan J. Seigel, Dr. David Posen, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Tara Brach, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Susan Kaiser Greenland, Dr. Daniel Goleman, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn

Social & Emotional Learning for all ages

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Body & Mind Yoga

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Calming the mind takes practice.

Enjoy beautiful music while setting positive intentions for a great day every day.

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MYndful Movement for Social & Emotional Learning

Mindful Movement gentle stretch  tone, stress reduction, meditation, mindfulness physiotherapy, yoga

Gentle Stretch and Tone with all the ingredients to help you get through your day with strength and peace.

MYndful Movement is for everyone who feels the need for more peace and calm in their lives and would benefit from 3 dimensional, intentional movement for neurological strengthening, physical strengthening and mental health and cognition enhancement.

Think Walking Meditation. The movements are meant to practice awareness to self, as other forms of meditation and yoga do, while enhancing the physical body's tone, posture, flexibility and balance. These simple movements are calming for the body and the mind.

* Open-Hearted * Peaceful * Strong *

 MYndful Movement includes: positive intentions set with calming breath-work, basic physiotherapy exercises, gentle stretch, QiGong, gentle toning and gentle strengthening movements to support your full body and strong mind. 

MYndful Movement provides many benefits:

Increased Energy

Calmer State of Being

Breathing with Awareness

Compassion to Self and Others

Improved Range of Motion

Stronger Core

Improved Posture

Neurological Benefits

Cross Hemisphere and Three Dimensional Movements to create stronger neural networks in the brain

Practice MYndful Movement (M.M.) on Site

High Schools

-M.M. module taught in Phys. Ed. and Health classes.

-Extra-curricular sign-up program: 6 weeks

Elementary Schools

-In-Class session

-After-school signup program 

-Parent/Child Mindful Games after-school program: 6 weeks

Teacher's MYndful Movement/Yoga program: 6 weeks

Transitional Age Youth (T.A.Y.) Hospital & Medical Clinics: workshops and presentations

Book a Mindful Movement program at your school